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Our Culture

The Story Of Wilbur (The Loveable Bee)


I believe the year 2020 with the constraints and challenges we have all faced, has brought about the beginnings of great change. I have a strong sense moving forward around the fact that what we can do individually is powerful, effective & valuable.. but equally so is our part in a collective community. I can think of no better emblem to represent this than the humble worker bee; whose place in our environment is so very special. Poetically, my family hails from Manchester, whose city motif for over 150 years has been the worker bee. This is said to represent their hard working ethic & the sense of unity within the city.

How does a bee change the world? One flower at a time. Think Global, Act Local.

We can all make a difference in our community & our environment, we all make up part of a collective beauty. This is just the beginning!




Situated in the friendly community of Blockhouse Bay, Floriculture is unlike your typical florists shop, offering more than just beautiful bouquets of fresh local flowers. After studying floriculture and gaining much of experience over the past 25 years, owner Olwyn's dream to create a hub that develops community, connection and sustainability around all things flowers has organically manifested in her concept business, Floriculture.


The aptly named shop not only teaches customers about floral varieties but also personally grows some of their own greeneries and wild flowers that feature in bouquets. The loveable bee featured in the logo (Wilbur) is an anchor point for the business, representing not only nature's amazing connectivity, but also the interconnectivity of the shop within the community it serves.

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